We have completed another successful year of service.

CHTAF concluded the following projects.

  1. Sponsorship of cardiac surgery for children
    This is the third successive year of sponsorship. We have helped over 100 children with essential medicines for heart diseases and sponsored life saving operations for over 40 children.

  2. Sponsorship of surgical mission to North/East of Sri Lanka to correct Cleft Lip/Palate deformities
    In addition to sponsoring operations we have also sponsored training of 10 volunteers as counsellors. These counsellors are parents of children with Cleft Lip/Palate deformities who have experienced the heartache of seeing their children suffer and the unimaginable joy of holding a “normal looking” child after correction of deformities.

  3. Medical camp
    CHTAF conducts a monthly medical camp for the poor with an average turn up of 100 patients with a variety of medical conditions. The patients are examined by a Consultant Physician and provided with medicine free of charge.


We would be grateful if you could please consider supporting the above.