Four years since the tsunami – seems like just yesterday…..

Since our newsletter of January 2008 we have returned from another successful trip to Sri Lanka in October 2008. We completed three worthy projects.

1) You may recall young Naveendra who underwent life saving heart surgery with your help. We met him again this year to ensure he was continuing with his schooling and to check on the welfare of his family. We were pleased to know that Naveendra was performing well in school, he was healthy and well. Although they had managed to lay some flooring and build a toilet last year they were still living in a house without a proper roof or windows which, leaked heavily during the rainy season. We donated money for them to continue with constructing their home. We are confident that the funds will be utilized appropriately. 

2) We have built a warm relationship with the remote school that Naveendra attends called Matara Madya Maha Vidyalaya. We met the teachers and students and spent a whole day touring the school and exploring their needs. We participated in a ‘school clean up day’.  It is the only co-ed school in the region with 85% of children selected from under privileged families of all ethnic backgrounds. These children are rejected from other leading schools. Currently they have 2501 students from grades one to thirteen.

We donated all the equipment they requested to develop their IT department including a Multi media projector, Multi functional fax/copier and Digital Camera. We also donated £1000 to develop the school and buy books for the winners at the Prize Giving.

We were the Special Guests at the annual school Prize Giving. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of the celebrations. They last held a Prize Giving several decades ago. We were impressed by the achievements of the students who excelled in secondary education and sports on a national level; several of them were selected to University this year.

We have agreed to consider several other requests they have made for further funding. Their priority is a School Bus that would allow the children to travel to various parts of the country to participate in educational and sporting activities. Currently they rely on public transport but the majority of children cannot afford it.

3) We also visited the hospital and met the local cardiac surgeon who co-ordinates the surgical missions. He also performs life saving heart operations with his own team. He informed us that they normally start surgery at 3am! We have agreed to donate a Patient warmer for the Intensive Care Unit, which is essential to maintain body temperature of all patients after cardiac surgery. This would cost approximately £1000.

It has been a very busy yet totally exhilarating experience for us. Finally, we are making a difference not simply by providing medical care but also supporting the educational and social needs of thousands of deserving children of Sri Lanka - our mission has just begun. 

Thank you for your continued support.