We have saved the first child!

Children’s Hospital Tsunami Appeal Fund (CHTAF) was set up to help build a children’s hospital in tsunami devastated island of  Sri Lanka  where nearly 15,000 children died in December 2004.

Due to a series of unfortunate events the trustees were compelled to abandon the construction of the hospital in October 2006. However, their determination in wanting to help save lives of children who desperately require essential medical care has succeeded in affiliating with Mercy Mission. Mercy Mission is another UK charity led by a British team of doctors and nurses who perform life saving heart operations on some of the poorest of poor children of  Sri Lanka. The cost of each operation is approximately £1000. They have performed 70 operations and saved 50 lives in the past four years.

Their latest mission was completed in September 2007. CHTAF sponsored the operation of Naveendra, a10year old boy. This is the story of Naveendra……

Naveendra is the eldest child of Chandralatha, mother (35) and Udeyananda, father (45). He was born on 15th November 1996. He has a younger sister Dainey aged 7yrs. Naveendra’s problems were detected at the early age of 3months, sent to the only Children’s Hospital in Colombo and referred back to his local hospital atGalle, where the family lived.

Naveendra’s family fell victim to the tsunami in December 2004. The people of  Galle suffered devastating consequences and the district was flattened to the ground. Naveendra’s family lost everything. They have been living in sheltered accommodation until recently.

Naveendra is a very nice boy and extremely concerned about his mother and worried that she is not overloaded with expenses work and worries. His father washes vehicles and earnings are dependent on weather, the average earnings on a fine day is around Rs 500 (£2.00)

During a conversation prior to discharge from the hospital we found out they were to return to a house without a finished floor which is now complete with the help of a well wisher.

Naveendra has missed out on part of his schooling due to being made homeless and his heart condition. After his successful heart operation he celebrated his eleventh birthday and has started school in the new school term in January 2008.

CHTAF hope to maintain contact with the family and sponsor the educational and social needs of Naveendra and his family. His medical care will be followed up by the local hospital. We also hope to sponsor further life saving operations in the future.

We may not have constructed a building but we have fulfilled our core objective of saving a child’s life!

Thank you for your support.