The 27 year old ethnic conflict is over

We have returned from another mission to Sri Lanka

You may have heard that the 27year old Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka has finally come to an end. There are over 200,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in sheltered camps cared for by the Sri Lankan government and other leading aid agencies.

We completed the following:

1) Educate a Child – we have identified 12 gifted children from poor economic background for sponsorship. We hope to provide financial and social support for these children to pursue their secondary education at an estimated cost of £20.00 per month. The monies shall be transferred directly to the child’s bank account and random checks will be made to ensure the funding is used appropriately.

2) Medical Aid – we donated a second Patient Warmer to the ICU of Karapitiya Hospital where life saving heart surgery is conducted. The total cost of the machines has exceeded £3000.

We have also discussed with the local staff at the hospital and created a Performa for sponsoring more life saving heart operations on children. The estimated cost per operation is £500 including essential drugs and living expenses for the parents during the hospital stay.  We hope to identify suitable children and commence the sponsorship program over the next few months.                       

3) IDP – we visited the camps in Vavniya, North East of Sri Lanka, a six-hour drive (each way) from the capitol city Colombo. We donated 2000 each of chocolates, apples and underwear to the children. As there were over 75,000 displaced children we focussed our efforts on 306 orphans held in a separate camp under care and supervision. The children were overjoyed to receive the treats.

We met the local elders looking after these children, toured the camp, inspected the kitchen and sanitary facilities and medical centre. All displaced persons receive three square meals per day. There were no major outbreaks of infectious diseases and the medical personnel confirmed they had adequate medical supplies. Whilst we were impressed with the overall organisation and conditions we felt the sanitary facilities and recreation facilities for the children could be vastly improved. We have obtained a list of their requirements, including a play area, sheltered learning area, snacks, footwear and hats. The children also requested colouring books and crayons. We hope to provide these via local suppliers.

If you would like to contribute towards any of the above please write cheques in favour of ‘CHTAF’and post to 37 Tennyson Drive, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 8PH

Thank you for your continued support.