After nearly two years of hard work the hospital project is off the ground.


Clearing up operations at the site allocated to the proposed Childrenís Hospital, Kalutara, Sri Lanka commenced on 15th September 2006.  A majority of the groundwork is completed. They are clearing the surrounding trees and working on relocating the electricity posts, etc. before construction of Stage 1 commences shortly.

It has been an incredible journey and the team at CHTAF has worked tirelessly to reach this far. We are acutely aware that more hard work is necessary before we can see a functioning Hospital.

We are grateful for your generosity and sincerely hope you would continue to support this truly historic and mammoth project. Your pennies have made a significant difference already.

We are concentrating on raising funds for the equipment of the hospital and construction of Stage 2. Following is a short list of requirements. A detailed list is available on this web site.   You can also view the revised plans of the hospital.


Construction costs for 1 m2:

£ 189.00

Ear Thermometre 

£  20.00

Nebuliser Machine

£  25.00

Blood Pressure Monitor

£  35.00

Syringe Pump 

£  40.00

Paediatric Hospital Bed with encryption of donorís name:

£  50.00

Pulse Oxemetre 

£ 150.00

ECG Monitor

£ 500.00


£ 700.00

If you would like to personally sponsor any of the above or make a general donation of any amount you may send payment by cheque or postal order to the UK address shown below. Please make cheques payable to CHTAF.

Alternatively you may make payment by Credit/Debit card, Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer on this web site.  If you have any fund raising ideas, items for auction/raffle at our future events or suggestions please do email info@chtaf.org .

Thank you for your support.