The original objective of CHTAF was to build the second national hospital for children in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control and despite valiant attempts the construction of the hospital failed. We were compelled to abandon the project in September 2007. 

However, the trustees of CHTAF were determined to maintain the core objective of providing essential medical care to children of Sri Lanka.

In September 2007 CHTAF affiliated with another UK registered charity, Mercy Mission, to help perform life saving heart operations in some of the poorest of poor children of Sri Lanka. CHTAF directly sponsored the surgery.

In October 2007 CHTAF helped to save a young life. CHTAF later found out that he was the child of a Tsunami affected family who was displaced and lost everything. Since the operation the young lad has recovered well and has recommenced schooling after three years – he is doing well in his studies. CHTAF have also assisted his family to rebuild their home and adopted his school.

We have saved one child, helped one family and developed a young generation in one year!

In September 2008 CHTAF made the decision to extend our charitable efforts to help any deserving child in Sri Lanka +/- family with medical, educational and social welfare.

Medical – By providing direct financial support to undergo life saving cardiac surgery. We hope to extend our support to include other surgical procedures such as cochlear implants, correction of genetic deformities, etc.


Educational – By providing sponsorship programme for Secondary Education. Individual students will be selected from several rural schools depending on their school examination results and their potential. We hope to extend this program to those who wish to pursue Higher Education but do not have the means yet have the potential to gain a professional qualification. This may be the first step towards a life out of poverty.


Social – By providing financial assistance to children +/- families to construct their homes, communal playgrounds, community centres, etc.