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Dr Tush Wickramanayaka (fondly known as Dr Wick) – Chief Executive
General Practitioner

As a mother I can only imagine the pain that all parents and children have endured in losing their loved ones. A young generation is now missing and another generation is orphaned in our beautiful island paradise. Our lives will not be complete if we do not come forward to help the victims and rebuild our country and provide hope and comfort to all children of Sri Lanka.

Gary Cutter (Gaza to his friends) – Trustee
Proprietor of Cutter Contractors

After watching the terrible footage of the aftermath, I decided something constructive needed to be done. Initially I wanted to donate to a charity but knowing which one was daunting as money gets lost through the system. We started our own charity so that we can be accountable and responsible for every penny raised. CHTAF was born and we are convinced it was the right choice with every gesture of good will we receive. We will ensure the sad deaths of the children around the world will not be forgotten or ignored.

John McIntyre (Commonly known as big Mac) – Trustee
Sole Trader

Tush and Gary are good friends of our family and when they took on the project of the Children’s Hospital I was keen to help in any way possible. We have poor people in this country, but they are still able to get help through our welfare system. Throughout the third world being poor means “they get next to nothing” and if our efforts mean that a better quality of life can be had, especially for the children, then we should go for it. Also “ALL” of the monies raised by this charity goes directly to the project not just 30p in the pound as with some other charities.

Dr Dush Mital – Trustee
Medical Doctor

I am a Consultant in HIV Medicine and I have a huge interest in healthcare initiatives and development in resource-limited countries. I think what Tush and her team are doing is great and it is impressive that 5 years after the Tsunami disaster, the Charity is still going strong. I am truly honoured to be part of the team.